Fireplace Xtrordinair 34 DVL

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About This Project

Large Deluxe 2,000 Square Foot Heater

The deluxe 34 DVL is the most convenient and beautiful way to provide warmth to medium and large sized homes. This insert has the same heating capacity as the 33 DVI but features the award-winning Ember-Fyre™ burner technology and high definition log set, along with fully automatic operation with the GreenSmart™ 2 handheld remote. The 34 DVL comes standard with powerful convection fans, along with interior top and rear *Accent Lights, which can be utilized to illuminate the interior of the fireplace with a warm glow, even when the fire is off.

The 34 DVL features the Ember-Fyre™ burner and high-definition log set, or the Dancing-Fyre™ burner with your choice of log set. It also offers a variety of face designs and fireback options to choose from.

*Top Accent Lights can only be used if the Driftwood Fyre-Art™ or Fyre-Stone™ Rock Kit is chosen.

Gas Insert Brochure

Heating Capacity
Up to 2,000 Sq. Feet
Maximum BTU Input
40,000 (NG) BTU’s / Hour
P4 Canadian Efficiency
72.83% (NG) 73.74% (LP)
Glass Size
27-7/8″ W x 16-7/8″ H
Dual Flex – 3″ x 4″
125 Lbs.
Burner System
Ember-Fyre™ or Dancing-Fyre™
GreenSmart Remote
Comfort Control