Lopi Bostonian 564 Electric Fireplace

Electric, Fireplace By Manufacturer, Lopi
About This Project

Experience the warmth and glow of a fireplace with the Bostonian Electric fireplace. Operating from any 110 volt wall outlet, the unit is conveniently plug-and-play. Ideal for renters, condo owners, offices, bedrooms, shakers and movers.

No chimney, vent or gas access is needed for the Bostonian to burn brightly. The pulsating fire of the Bostonian can be viewed through 564 square inches of glass. A custom, high quality log set glows as the fire burns and the ember bed crackles. The remote control also has the ability to control the intensity and speed of the flame, the interior accent light, sleep timer, room temperature, power, and clean air system.

A built in heater and circulating heat fan is another optional feature for the fireplace. Outputting 5,000 Btu’s and heating up to 400 square feet the fireplace is ideal for zonal heating. Personalize your Bostonian E. by adding a mantel system and one of the fire frames or faces available. Portable fireplaces have never been so hot.